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Special Packages

BEST FAMILY DEAL - $99.99 Food, Games & Rides
Includes four all day playpasses good for unlimited go-karts, bumper boats, kid karts - plus a round of miniature golf, a large pizza with any toppings, a pitcher of soft drink, and $15 in game play.

Food, Games, and Rides Family Deal just $69.99
Our Food, Games, and Ride deal for $69.99 Includes a Large Pizza (any toppings), pitcher of drink, $40 in game play, and four attraction tickets (good for your choice on the karts, boats, golf, or kiddie karts)

Pizza, Pop, and Play Family Deal just $44.99
Our Pizza Pop and Play for $44.99 includes a Large Pizza (any toppings), cheese sticks, pitcher of soft drink, and $25 in Game Play

BEST Individual Package $29.99 Food, Games & Rides
Our best Individual deal for $29.99 Includes a choice of Any Entree, a 16 oz. drink, $5 in Game Play, and an All Day PlayPass


Good Value - 48 Chips for $10
Regular Price: $12.00
Online Sale Price: $10.00
Game play $10 - 40 Chips + 8 Bonus = 48 CHIPS

Great Value - 100 Chips for $20
Regular Price: $25.00
Online Sale Price: $20.00
Game play $20 - 80 Chips + 20 Bonus = 100 CHIPS

BEST Value 300 Chips for $50
Regular Price: $75.00
Online Sale Price: $50.00
Product Image
Game play $50 - 200 Chips + 100 Bonus = 300 CHIPS

Note: This GREAT VALUE is for a single player card and all chips will be on one player card (cannot be split)


Single Ride Ticket
Price: $7.75
Good for your choice of one ride on the Go-Karts or Bumper Boats

Great Deal - Three Ride Special
Regular Price: $23.25
Online Sale Price: $19.50
Get 3 rides for $19.50 - Your choice of three individual rides on the Go karts, Bumper Boats, Miniature Golf, or Kiddie Karts

18 Holes Miniature Golf
Price: $8.50
Get a round on our beautiful miniature golf course.

36 Holes Miniature Golf
Regular Price: $15.00
Online Sale Price: $12.00
Play two rounds of miniature golf - 36 holes for just $12 bucks

All Day Playpass
Price: $25.99
Product Image
Unlimited go karts, bumper boats and kiddie karts, plus one round of miniature golf

(height restrictions apply)